Thursday, September 4, 2008


So here's what we did today:


The drawings we needed just so we could jump:

Then we wandered over to Dux de Lux for lunch - sizzling bleu cheese mushrooms to start and then Travis had a burger and Melissa had a pizza (though no avocados this time!). Although we hadn't been impressed with the beers last night, we did really enjoy the bottle of chardonnay we had with lunch. After the adrenaline, the food and the wine, we stopped for ice cream cones and then hiked back up the hill for a nap.

There's a little trail that leads up the hill, and we hadn't tried it yet. Turns out to be a super-steep mountain bike trail. There are hiking trails as well, but those don't lead back to the hotel. So we hiked almost vertically for part of the trip. We did get a few good photos though.


nicole said...

You are both beautiful and lovely and the wedding was stunning... But you people are crazy!!! Jumping off cliffs. But that's why I love you both. Such an awesome way to rock out the celebration of your marriage!
teehee... :) Congrats!

Jason said...

Wao! That's a long way from the Soundview ropes-course, literally and figuratively. Very impressive. You guys look like you're having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Kenna wants to watch both of you fall over and over and over...I am glad you bought new sunglasses, I found yours but not befor Kenna did I assume. I hope you have a Great Honeymoon.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

You are so cruel. I came over all excited and I couldn't even see the video. I want to see this!

PS You are brave and amazing. And also, a bada**.