Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Aftermath

Hello all!

The wedding was really fabulous (at least from our point of view). I know that all of the bridesmaids went all-out, making sure that all we had was a wonderful time, and that worked out well. I thought everything was beautiful and I was terrifically happy with how our special day turned out.

Everyone I spoke with that had already been married offered me pretty much the same advice: make sure you take some time to be "in the moment" because this day is overwhelming and fleeting and if you don't watch out, you'll miss it. I took that to heart, and there are several very clear memories I already cherish from Wedding Day:
  • Chris Fantz talking me down from my "ipod meltdown"
  • Brandy coming through with a converter for us
  • Hair and mimosas with Cat, Heather & Christine
  • Being able to hand my laptop over to Lawrence because I hadn't made the ceremony music happen yet, and not having to worry after that moment
  • Telling Carrie when Mendelssohn started about how it was Miss Jan's favorite piece
  • Walking down the aisle with my father - we went really slowly, and I had time to look into the eyes of so many people that loved me. It was really overwhelming, but in a wonderful way. And I didn't get a chance to see everyone. I started tearing up at that point, but I was prepared for such things (false eyelashes are a lot harder to cry off than mascara).
  • Kissing my mother on the cheek at the end of the aisle - I always feel that it's an issue when the mother of the bride isn't a part of the ceremony.
  • Looking into Trav's eyes as Warren started the ceremony - holding hands with the man I was marrying
  • The fact that we actually did The Princess Bride wedding scene
  • Saying the actual vows we wrote for each other, and not compromising with what that was
  • Photos after the ceremony: a totally urban wedding. People on the street congratulating us and honking thier horns, the guy across the street from the light rail that shouted that this was "the coolest thing I've ever seen!"
  • Getting to the cocktail hour in time to sample the hors d'oevres and cocktails
  • Witnessing Grandpa Red meeting my mother ("I'm a hugger,")
  • Hearing from so many people that they loved the ceremony & the food
  • Pictures with Kabby
  • Each time someone walked up to the bar with cash and walked away with their money & a drink - even though they didn't realize it was a hosted bar, I got great joy from the fact that it was so
  • Dancing with my father - cracking each other up just by making our own normal wise-cracks
  • Dancing with Travis - forgetting everything I ever learned in our salsa classs but following him anyway
  • Taking the kegs to the barbeque and to my cousin's housewarming in mom's "keg van"

And that's just the bits I can think of off the top of my head. It was a really wonderful time. The most interesting part to me was that I've never been a girl that dreamed about her wedding and needed it to be perfect. I think that is why our wedding did turn out perfectly - we were willing to roll with whatever happened and we had great support that could take care of things while we were busy being bride & groom.

We're going to take this week to get ready to fly around the world, and then you'll hear all about our adventures!

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